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CompassLearning ODYSSEY

Review ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies with Odyssey!
Dear Harmony Parent(s):
          We have an exciting program to offer your children at school and at home!  Students have been assessed using the MAP diagnostic program, their skills have been evaluated, and standards needing extra practice have been identified.  Activities to improve student knowledge are available on-line to your child.  Your child has learned how to log on to the Internet to access these activities.  If you have Internet access at home, your student can work on these activities at home as well as at school.  To get to the website, follow these simple steps:
  1. Type in
  2. Username: first initial + last initial + student id number (ex. cb12345 = Charlie + ­Brown + 12345)
  3. Password: 123
  4. School Code: hhes
IMPORTANT: Do NOT change the student's password!
Have fun with the games and activities on this site!
For help, visit Hemet's CompassLearning User Site