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The Role of a School Counselor

The role of a professional school counselor is to work with teachers, parents, and students to help remove any barriers to learning that might exist in a child's world. Through classroom guidance lessons, students gain knowledge in the areas of academic skills, career awareness, and social/personal development. Small counseling groups are also available to support students in a variety of ways. School counselors collaborate with parents and teachers to provide support to students and may coordinate with community agencies to provide resources to struggling families. Remember school counselors can be a tremendous asset during your child's educational career, so please don't hesitate to reach out any time you have a question or a concern!

Mission Statement:


The mission of the Harmony Elementary School Counselor is that ALL students should be afforded opportunities for guidance and support while becoming lifelong learners who in the process develop skills to support their current and future personal, social, academic, and career goals. School Counselors work in partnership with parents, teachers, administrators and members of the community to remove barriers to student success in a safe and supportive school environment.





We are dedicated to removing barriers to student achievement while providing developmentally appropriate counseling services and advocating for all students.


Program Principles


  • All students have dignity and worth.
  • All students have access to the school counseling program.
  • The school counseling program is an integral part of a student's educational career. It is our belief that many problems can be prevented and many goals attained through the delivery of a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate school counseling program that covers academic, career, and personal/social domains.
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